The following downloads are available to IDRISI users.

Service Updates Documentation, Support Tools and Additional Resources
  • UNITAR Workbooks
    Each PDF includes a review paper that explores the use of GIS analytical techniques in the defined field of study and a set of exercises that allows the user to apply these techniques to geographically diverse case study problems using real digital data sets and GIS software.
  • CartaLinx
    A vector database development and topological editing software. Accepts input from a variety of sources, including CoGo, GPS and over 500 digitizing tablets. Note: will not work with Windows 64-bit OS.
  • IDRISI Spanish Manual
    Spanish translation of the IDRISI Guide to GIS and Image Processing in PDF format.
  • IDRISI Help System
    The HLP file included with the IDRISI software.  Consists of technical notes and references, module descriptions, data requirements and algorithms.
  • GDAL 1.10
    This version of GDAL 1.10 improves on the distributed version 1.6 with Selva 17.02 and how it deals with IDRISI raster conversion.
  • IDRISI Applications Programming Interface
    Documentation for developers for the IDRISI API. IDRISI is fully COM compliant, allowing access to functionality from other programming environments.
  • Clark Labs’ Modified Version of Gstat
    Document of modifications and the source code of Gstat, a free software utilized within IDRISI.
  • Scenes for IDRISI Fly Through
    Scenes ready-to-use with the IDRISI Fly Through module. Scenes available for Hong Kong, Grand Canyon, Mexico and others.
  • Waypoint +          
    3rd party software for use with Garmin GPS units and CartaLinx.

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