Resource Centers - South America

Argentina IDRISI Resource Center
Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
CREAN (Centro de Relevamiento y Evaluación de Recursos Agrícolas y Naturales)
Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
C.C. 509 Cordoba 5000

Contact: Dr. Mariano Grilli
Tel: 54 51 694195

CREAN is also a Reseller of Clark Labs products.

The IRC in Argentina promotes the use of GIS in Spanish speaking countries of Central and South America in the applied fields of Geology, Agriculture, Biology, and Geography. Research projects at CREAN using IDRISI include forest fire forecasting, drought monitoring, vegetation mapping, and landuse zoning. They are currently working with the National Pest Control Agency in the cotton boll weevil eradication program.

The IRC has translated the IDRISI Guide to GIS and Image Processing and it is available for purchase from Clark Labs.  They also have partially translated the tutorial exercises of IDRISI and generated introductory and advanced exercises. The IRC web page has exercise samples.  CREAN also holds training sessions on IDRISI.

Brazil IDRISI Resource Center
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Centro de Ecologia
Caixa Postal, 15.007
91.501-970 Porto Alegre RS

Contact: Dr. Heinrich Hasenack
Tel: 55 (51) 3308 6909
Fax: 55 (51) 3308 7307


The IRC in Brazil was among the first five Resource Centers created in March 1995, and was the first established in Latin America. In its mission to spread the use of GIS in Portuguese speaking countries, the IRC translated several versions of the tutorial exercises of IDRISI.

Their current research initiatives include vegetation and soil mapping, harmonization of regional and local mapping for environmental licensing and planing purposes. Current activities/offerings include the dissemination of data, GIS support for urban and regional development plans, training courses in GIS and Image Processing, and the translation of IDRISI materials.

Universidad Católica de Temuco
Laboratorio de Planificación Territorial
Rudecindo Ortega 02950
Temuco 15D

Contact: Dr. Fernando Peña Cortés
Tel/Fax:56 (45) 2205469; 56 (45) 2553922

The IRC in Chile is based at the Universidad Católica de Temuco, which provides academic instruction to undergraduate students in preparation of careers in the fields of Geography, Natural Resources Engineering, Environmental Civil Engineering, Aquaculture Engineering, and Pedagogy in History, Geography, and Social Sciences. A Master in Planning and Territorial Management graduate program is also offered. These courses of study are enhanced and supported by the IDRISI software modules related to GIS applications, spatial statistics and remote sensing.

Additionally, the IRC is working on a number of research projects in which IDRISI software has been used, particularly in the areas of spatial decision support, geostatistical analysis, land suitability and recently in a Master's thesis related to scenario analysis and landscape patterns. This applications have been presented in international workshops and conferences, as well as at Universidad Católica de Temuco in the frame of the course: Territorial analysis and modelling with IDRISI SELVA, which was carried out by IRC-Chile and IRC-México.

Ecuador IDRISI Resource Center
Universidad Nacional de Loja (UNL)
Instituto Nacional de Eficiencia Energética y Energías Renovables (INER)

Contact: Dr. Emmanuelle Quentin
Tel: 593 98 149 6522

The IRC in Ecuador was established in 2009 in the National University of Loja (UNL). The IRC offers IDRISI education and research support to the Spanish-speaking GIS community of Ecuador and the Andean countries (Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela). The main areas of interest of this center are: renewable energies, territorial planning, integrated water management (including demographic and public health indicators), and LCM/REDD/ETM applications. Geomatic methodologies utilized for these topics, as well as remote sensing procedures, are continuously under development and are available as free add-on modules to be used with IDRISI.

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