Landuse Planning

The decisions we make today will have long-lasting impacts on our way of life. Smart choices are critical if we are going to achieve sustainable growth. Clark Labs' technologies offer a set of support tools that are particularly well-suited for resource allocation decisions.

IDRISI Selva offers innovative decision support tools including multi-criteria and multi-objective evaluation techniques as well as tools for uncertainty management, providing decision makers unprecedented power and control over their choices.

The integrated Land Change Modeler vertical application (also available separately as an extension to ArcGIS) provides a feature-rich environment for land analysis, planning and prediction. It is currently being utilized for REDD (Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) projects.

Other land planning tools include GEOMOD and artificial neural networks for landuse simulation, as well as a host of statistical modeling tools such as logistical regression and change analysis.

Application areas include:

  • Land change analysis and prediction
  • Smart growth planning
  • Natural resource evaluation
  • Landuse decision support
  • Impact analysis

Analytical Examples:


Land Change Modeler provides a set of tools for the rapid assessment and mapping of change, allowing for one-click evaluations of land cover gains and losses, net change and persistence, both in map and graphical form.

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Decision Support IDRISI

IDRISI includes an unparalleled suite of tools for multi-objective / multi-criteria decision support. Tools such as consensus weighting procedures and heuristics, as in this image, allow for the evaluation and allocation of land for multi-objective planning.

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